Swiss Christmas Entertainer's Box

This is my pick for the festive season. A selection of my fine European cured meats and pate for an antipasto platter teamed with a hard goat cheese and a chili jelly, to nibble on while you wait for the fine Swiss sausages to cook on the BBQ. 

Add to that my chef friend's spice rub for your other BBQ meats, and his fermented, probiotic chili sauce. BOOM. 

Coppa 55g

Prociutto 55g

Bresaola 55g

Landjaeger 120g

Salametti 100g

Bratwurst 500g

Cervelat 500g

Farmer Bratwurst 500g

Chicken Liver Pate 180g

BOOM! chili spice rub

BOOM! fermented chili sauce

BOOM! chili infused apple jelly

Cranky Goat Old Tomme Cheese 100g



All orders must be received by midnight Tuesday and will be delivered to you on Friday.

Final Christmas delivery will be Friday 21 December, so be sure to have your order in by midnight Tuesday 18 December.


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